OSEA 2D CAD Finals Preps Students for Future Courses

December 20, 2018

Students from the Olivet School of Architecture and Engineering (OSEA) completed the 2D Design CAD course this quarter. They delved into Detailing, Drafting Symbols, Door & Window Schedules, Notes, and Title Pages. Additional review sessions included Plotting, Pen Settings, Custom Plot Configurations and Line Thicknesses.

The focus of these classes was to prepare students for the final project by reviewing the key content and basic knowledge points. The final weeks covered 3D modeling and Boolean commands that students implemented into their term project.

The final exam was a presentation on building plans created for a small church that each student worked on throughout the quarter. It encompassed all the skills that the course instructed.

"I realized there are so many things to be learned on AutoCAD," said student Angela Wang. "The course was very helpful in giving me a deeper understanding of architecture through the class projects. AutoCAD is an important tool used in this industry, so the foundational course has provided me with a good skill set for future architecture courses."

OSEA's 2D Design CAD course is a prerequisite for those seeking to continue their 3D Architectural Design and Computer Modeling.

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