OU Representatives Join Global Think Tank at GSF 2022 Fall Symposium
Representatives from Olivet University gathered in Schloss Mittersill, Austria to attend the Global Strategic Forum (GSF) 2022 Symposium. The event brought together global Christian leaders to form a think tank that would produce strategies for influence within the 12 mountains of culture.
Olivet University Attends International Evangelical Theological Education Event in Turkey
Representatives from Olivet University attended the 18th Global Consultation of the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education, ICETE, C-22 conference in Izmir, Turkey.
ZSDS Annual Doctoral Colloquium 2022 Successfully Concluded
The Zinzendorf School of Doctoral Studies' 2022 Doctoral Colloquium, hosted by Olivet University San Francisco Campus, was concluded on October 21. The colloquium was held on the San Francisco Campus from October 10 to October 21 with doctoral students from all over the globe.
Dancing Before the Lord with Wild Abandonment
Contributed by A. Merril Smoak, Jr., Dean of Jubilee College of Music, Olivet University
Abandoned Hymns Bring New Life to Our Christian Worship Music
Contributed by A. Merril Smoak, Jr., Dean of Jubilee College of Music, Olivet University
Olivet University's 'Investigation of Tradition of Faith in the Church' Study Series Engage MDiv Students
Olivet University's Master of Divinity students engage in a deep investigation of the tradition of faith in the Church through their systematic theology study series this summer.
Olivet University Fall 2022 Student Recruitment Closes with Success
Olivet University student recruitment campaign closed successfully for the 2022 Fall quarter on August 1. The school received over 145 applicants from the United States and worldwide. The total number of applicants is still counting as the deadline for Fall admissions is set to be August 15.
Zinzendorf School of Doctoral Studies Celebrates Diverse D.Min. Project Topics
Zinzendorf School of Doctoral Studies concluded another fruitful academic year, producing two dozen new doctorate holders. The doctoral program has seen an increase in the number of graduates and improved quality of D.Min. student projects.
Olivet Institute of Technology Graduate Develops Innovative Search Engine for Christian Content
Olivet Institute of Technology has presented its latest innovative project from the R&D center.
Olivet University Setting the Record Straight on NYSED Letter and Ensuing Media Coverage
The following is a statement by Olivet University (OU) in response to the NYSED letter on June 30, 2022 regarding OU New York's Permission to Operate, and the related recent media coverage. This statement may be updated with more information from time to time.
Olivet University Statement on the Conclusion of Olivet University New York on June 30, 2022
Anza, California — Olivet University is making available the following public letter regarding the conclusion of operations at Olivet University New York in Lower Manhattan and Dover, NY on June 30, 2022.
2022 Commencement Ceremony Offers Praise to God
Olivet University Commencement Ceremony 2022 was held on Friday, June 24th afternoon at Riverside main campus.