Events and Traditions

Over the years a number of events have become essential parts of Olivet University and OCE university life.


No new academic year without convocation. Convocation traditionally marks the official start of the fall quarter and therefore in many cases the first impression of a student’s new school or the beginning of many a resolution to study harder and dig deeper into one’s field.

Over the years Olivet University’s convocations have featured a number of speakers and guests from around the world, who have inspired both faculty and students to dream bigger and aim higher. The international gathering often brings together hundreds of students, staff, faculty and administrators having represented all continents by now Guests and speakers have included: Mr. Ndaba Mazabane, Chairman of the International Council of the World Evangelical Alliance, and Dr. Bertil Ekstrom, Executive Director of the World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission, Dr. Tony Sargent, Principal Emeritus of the International Christian College in Glasgow, Scotland, Dr. Dankit Nassiuma, Vice Chancellor of Karabak University in Kenya, Thomas Johnson, Ph.D., Senior Advisor to the Theological Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance, Dr. Bill Taylor, over 30-years director emeritus of the Mission Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance, and Dr. Ralph D. Winter, Honorary Chairman of Olivet University and founder of the United States Center for World Mission.


Even though commencements mark the end of a student’s course of study at OCE for the graduates they are the beginning of becoming part of its legacy. Each batch of graduates brings takes a piece of the school with him, but over the years in prayer and support gives back much more than can be counted.

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