Olivet School of Engineering and Architecture is dedicated to teaching future ministers leadership, artistic vision, critical thinking and problem solving skills with the intentions of propelling Christian mission. Through theory courses and hands-on studio experience, OSEA students are prepared to address real-world problems through the application of faith, art, science, and design.

The programs at Olivet School of Engineering and Architecture revolves around:

  • • maintaining the Christian character of the institution and its members,
  • • engineering in the developing world,
  • • entrepreneurship, and
  • • the integration of architecture, construction, engineering and the Christian mission.

OSEA’s programs are designed to educate Christ Centered men and women on a wide range of disciplines involving the structuring of physical, natural, and social environments. Our institution offers opportunities for students to hone their skills, be imaginative, and pursue creative solutions in critical thinking.


Olivet to Establish New College of Architecture, Engineering and Construction

The Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) has decided to approve Olivet University’s plans to establish a new College of Architecture, Engineering and Construction, starting with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering.